Services Available

Armed Security

Provided by offices who have completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council's 120 hour firearms training. Each guard's primary duty is to protect persons or property.

Oil & Gas Well Security
Martel provides oil/gas sites around the clock safety and security coverage in accordance with all local rules and regulations.

Electronic Surveillance
Utilizing start of the art audio and visual equipment to secure evidence during an investigation can be of paramount importance. Martel's officers dedicated to provide the best service possible.

Executive Protection
In today's society executive protection is a must for certain individuals. Martel will evaluate each client's individual situation and provide required services.

General Investigation
Martel specializes in divorce and child custody issues as well as obtaining information on the identity, habits, conduct or movement of any person.

Security Consulting
Martel will evaluate each customer's unique security needs and will design and implement the right plan at the right time.

Unarmed Security
Martel will provide security personal for hire as watchman, guards, private patrolman or other whose primary duties are to protect persons or property.

Previous Job included:
Belmont County Metropolitan Housing Authority
Jaycee Manor Apartments
Muxie Distributing Company
Belmont County Democratic Party

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